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Most people have heard of vitamins and know something about them. But, few people actually know a lot about them. Most people are somewhere in between these extremes; they know some things, or about some vitamins, or are rather vague when it comes to details even though they certainly know some vitamin facts.

We also know that reliable information about vitamins and related nutrients such as minerals is not as available as many would like to believe.

Much of the information around is either wrong, outdated, misleading or commercially contrived. Many health professionals fit into the middle category above and are therefore not the reliable sources of information that they possibly should be.

That's a real shame because vitamins are absolutely essential for good health and wellbeing.

So the more you know, provided what you learn is sound and trustworthy, the better prepared you will be to:

So what about you; do you know everything there is to know about vitamins? If so, please look around our site thoroughly and let us know what we should add. If you'd like to contribute some material then we'd be glad to hear from you.

Or do any of the following apply to you?

If any of these do apply to you then relax, you will find quality information here from professionals who care. As health care professionals we are both clinicians and educators and we are prepared to put our names on this site so you'll know who we are. You can always contact us through the Contact Us page link above.

Through the site navigation links on the left of the page (near the top) you can find plenty of information to help you achieve your learning, and we hope health, goals. Bookmark the site and come back to explore it in depth. You will find new information within the site or in our blog almost every day.

Key sections of the site

Need to know the facts about vitamins? Learn about recommended amounts, types, toxicity and much more in our About Vitamins section.

Want to focus on the special vitamin needs associated with different ages and stages of life? Go to our Vitamins For All Ages section to cover the lifespan.

Interested in ways to get the most out of life? Our Living Well With Vitamins section is a must read. From getting a good night's sleep, through having healthy hair and nails, to support for smokers and drinkers, to dealing with cancer and ways to live longer, it's all there.

In our Diseases And Vitamins section we present the vitamin and mineral needs associated with a large number of common diseases. It covers the systems of the body as well as the mind.

In both our Vitamins And Deficiencies and Minerals And Deficiencies sections we cover each of the significant vitamin and mineral nutrients and explain about their deficiencies.

We strongly reject as ignorant and unsafe the common advice that nutritional supplementation with vitamins and minerals is unnecessary because a normal healthy diet provides plenty. This is fiction, based sometimes on ignorance and sometimes on vested interest. It is simply wrong.

While we know that the use of supplements is ideal, and becoming more necessary every year, we do strongly advocate obtaining as much of your nutrition as possible from quality foods. To that end, you will find plenty of information on this site about the foods you need to obtain specific vitamins and minerals.

We try to be specific about the amounts (or dosages) of supplements to take. We are not driven here by some existing product but by actual health needs. This may mean that the products you find will be close to but not exactly what we describe. Provided you take note of any warnings or special precautions we provide, it should not be a problem if you don't quite have the exact amounts. We will be looking further into these issues soon.

Enjoy your visit. Come back as often as you like. Learn plenty. Put it into action by making good choices of vitamins and be healthy!

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