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Needs For Vitamins And Minerals Vary With Age And Gender

This section explains the changes in nutrient needs experienced as we all move through life over time. We also note that needs vary somewhat between males and females.

Across the lifespan

Everyone knows intuitively that nutritional needs change as people grow. It is obvious that the food intakes differ markedly between a baby or infant and an adolescent or a senior citizen. (Now I know some senior citizens who complain they can only eat baby food now, but I'm sure you get my point!)

At times of great growth or developmental change more nutrients are needed. During stages of life when high levels of activity are regularly experienced, demands for particular nutrients are increased.

Women experience times of rapid growth just like men, but they face the added challenges of pregnancy and menopause. We explain their particular needs here.

While we know that supplementation is necessary, we always advocate getting as much of your nutrients as possible from high quality foods. We provide some tips for getting a good start with babies.

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