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Vanadium (V) is a trace element that has only recently been discovered to be necessary for human life. It may offer clues to manic depression as elevated levels of vanadium are present in many people with the condition. It also appears to be involved in bone formation and has insulin-like qualities.

What are the functions of vanadium?

Vanadium may:

What are the symptoms of vanadium deficiencies?

At this stage there are no known symptoms of vanadium deficiency.

Food sources

The following foods contain vanadium: parsley, radishes, gelatin, lattice, lobster and bonemeal.


Supplements are not available although some of the newer forms of multivitamin and mineral supplements do contain very small amounts of vanadium.

Special notes

Vanadium is very toxic and high quantities are linked to manic depression.

Vanadium antagonizes chromium and may cause deficiencies of chromium. Foods which are low in chromium and high in vanadium include: skim milk, fish, seaweed and intensively farmed chicken.

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