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Recommended Amounts for Adults and Seniors

The ranges given in the table below are for one tablet and dosages could vary from one to six tablets per day.

Recommended Amounts of Vitamins & Minerals
in Supplements for Adults & Seniors
Content Amount
Vitamin A 500-1200 IUs
Vitamin D3 20-100 IUs
Vitamin B1 2-10 mg
Vitamin B2 2-10 mg
Vitamin B6 2-15 mg
Vitamin B12 10-25 mcg
Vitamin C 25-150mg
Vitamin E d-Alpha 10-50 IUs
Biotin 20-50mcg
Calcium Pantothenate (B5) 30-60mg
Choline 5-15mg
Bioflavonoids 5-25mg
Folic acid 50-100mcg
Nicotinic acid 5-10mg
Nicotinamide 10-20mg
P.A.B.A 5-10mg
Beta-carotene 2-5mg
Iodine from kelp 10-25mcg
Calcium (element) 50-150mg
Chromium 20-30mcg
Iron (element) 2-3mg
Magnesium (element) 20-60mg
Selenium (element) 10-25mcg
Zinc (element) 2-4mg

NOTE: Nutritional supplements, such as the one described above, should not be given to children without first consulting your medical or health care practitioner.

Specialized supplements, in liquid form or as a chewable tablet are available.

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The supplement should be free from yeast, wheat, gluten, milk, corn, soy, artificial colorants and preservatives.

The Foundation Product we Use and Recommend is Total Balance

Total Balance makes full use of a genuinely synergistic formulation and a specialized enteric coating developed for pharmaceuticals to ensure correct delivery for proper absorption.

This means that the relatively high doses listed to the left are not required. High doses are used either for specific and professionally prescribed reasons or, more commonly, by manufacturers who provide large doses in the hope some will survive the stomach and be absorbed, or for purely competitive marketing advantage with uninformed consumers.

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