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One of the functions of phosphorus (P) is to create the bone structure. It is important that calcium and phosphorus are in balance for this process to occur effectively. Phosphorus is commonly found in soft drinks and fast foods so a poor diet can result in an extremely high intake of phosphorus leading to a calcium imbalance.

What are the functions of phosphorus?


What are the symptoms of phosphorus deficiency?

Phosphorus appears in many common foods and deficiencies are rare. Some chronic conditions can lead to low levels of phosphorus in the body and symptoms of this type of deficiency include:

Food sources of phosphorus

The following foods are good sources of phosphorus: meat, fish, wholegrains, cheese, soy products and nuts.


A phosphorus deficiency usually is associated with deficiencies in potassium, manganese and zinc. It should be taken in a good multivitamin and multimineral supplement that has all four elements.

Special notes

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