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Male Reproductive System

Here we address the topics of male infertility, and prostate enlargement and prostatitis


Male infertility accounts for about 30% of the problems encountered by couples who are unable to conceive.

What you can do to help

Studies in the United States have shown that zinc is essential for sperm formation and men who are deficient in zinc may produce zero or significantly reduced numbers of sperm. Zinc is also linked to the male sex drive and most men are advised to take a supplement of zinc when they are attempting to achieve a pregnancy.

Eating plenty of whole foods rich in vitamins and minerals will help to ensure that the sperm are healthy.

Vitamins E and B6 are often linked to a low sperm count and may be supplemented.

An increase of essential fatty acids (found in oily fish, seeds, nuts, beans, evening primrose oil and refined vegetable oils) can stimulate the production of sex hormones.

Men suffering from infertility should take selenium supplements which can improve sperm motility.

Men with a low vitamin C intake have and increased likelihood of genetic damage to their sperm. Men should take 500 mg of vitamin C daily and also 15 mg of zinc.

Prostate enlargement and prostatitis

The prostate is the small sex gland that surrounds the urethra, the tube that carries urine from the kidneys to the bladder. The prostate gland makes some of the fluid in semen. Benign prostatic hypertrophy or enlarged prostate is a non-cancerous growth that causes the flow of urine to be obstructed.

Prostatitis is the inflammation of the prostate gland and commonly occurs after a urinary tract infection has spread to the prostate gland. The symptoms include:

What you can do to help

Correct some of the commonest nutritional causes of prostate conditions, which include:

A decrease in zinc is implicated in prostatic abnormalities. It is recommended that you take zinc at 15 mg per day and selenium as a part of a good antioxidant supplement. This will assist in the reduction of cadmium levels which have been found to be high in many cases of prostate abnormalities.

Take 500 mg of fish oil and 500mg of evening primrose oil per day for prostate enlargement.

The herb saw palmetto has been shown to inhibit the process that encourages the enlargement of the prostate.

Be sure to have prostate problems investigated by your doctor and have regular examinations after age 50 to help detect any early signs of developing prostate cancer, which is far too common.

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