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A Collection of Links to Useful Sites

1. For empowering health education on herbal medicine with an emphasis on safe use and practical 'how to' guidelines go to Herb Health Guide.

2. You'll find excellent value in The Health Gazette. All you need to invest is some time, the information is free. Of course if you expect to achieve your health goals you'll need to implement what you learn!

3. For a free online course on primary health care see Dr Peter Tylee's Primary Health Care course offered by Education4Skills. The course was developed for university senior nursing students but anyone with an interest is welcome.

4. Another free online course available through Education4Skills on interpersonal skills is Dr Jenny Tylee's Therapeutic Communication course. The course was developed for university nursing students but anyone with an interest is welcome.

5. For making lifestyle changes visit for useful help based on personal experience.

6. One extremely common infection that seems to require more than quality nutrition and even expert herbal medicine is Herpes. At Herpes Terminator a good range of possible treatments is presented along with information, support and resources for people experiencing herpes or coldsores.

7. A generally sound and very useful health and nutrition site is provided by the Harvard School of Public Health. I am impressed to see they are brave enough to point out deficiencies in the USDA Food Pyramid.

8. For quality health products we actually use go to our Health Products Site. You'll find a selection of the world's very best products for restoring, maintaining and promoting health and wellbeing. All health products meet our exacting demands in terms of quality ingredients, manufacturing and distribution processes and intelligent design capable of achieving intended health outcomes.

9. For inspiration for those who see weight loss as a challenge and may hesitate to take it on because of failures in the past see Healthy Weight Loss Made Easy. The author's goal is to help visitors achieve a lifestyle that will make and keep them slim and fit.



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