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While we still do not understand why we age and why degeneration in the body occurs we do know what causes some of the problems associated with aging and we are able to halt or retard some of the processes associated with aging.

We age in a variety of ways some of which are visible. These include:

Internally there is progressive loss of cells in the brain, kidney and other vital organs.

This means that important tissues from the muscles to the brain become less competent with age. Many of these changes are seen in declining function, including: hearing, vision, immunity to infection and circulation.

There is no doubt that we will age as there is no blocking the passage of time. However, we are able to hold back the degenerative effects of aging.

What you can do to hold back the degenerative affects of aging

Supplements to assist in blocking the degeneration of aging


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Many people think that aging is well understood, but it isn't. Most of what people have tended to attribute to aging is actually the accumulation of pathology that relates to lifestyle factors (including nutritional quality).

We still have a lot to learn about aging. There are plenty of psychosocial amd biophysical theories of aging, but the riddle is far from solved.

Do try to avoid assuming that all the degeneration supposedly associated with aging actually is. Most of it we already know simply isn't.