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Healthy Hair

It seems everyone wants attractive hair. Unfortunately, many of the things people do to make their hair more attractive end up being very short lived. In some cases, it provides the opposite result and may even contribute to hair loss.

Hair loss

Hair loss is most noticeable from the scalp, but it can occur in other areas, such as, the legs. Some hair loss is quite common with age, not only on the scalp but also the limbs, chest, armpits, and pubic area.

Excessive hair loss can occur if the skin itself is affected by conditions such as eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis. Some people with excessive hair loss from the scalp may actually have eczema or psoriasis and may only become aware of it because it shows up as hair loss. There are many causes of hair loss. These can include:

Also, bleaching, perming and some color treatments will cause a lot of hair breakage which can give the appearance of the hair thinning.

Biotin (co-enzyme R or vitamin H), vitamin B5 (Pantothenic acid), and vitamin B3 (niacin) are associated with hair health. A vitamin based treatment for hair loss will combine these vitamins. It will also include folic acid, iron, vitamin C and zinc.

Evidently an application of biotin, vitamin B3 and an emulsifier called polysorbate, has achieved some success.

Greying of the hair

Loss of hair color is an almost inevitable feature of aging.

Greying of the hair in the twenties may be associated with an increased risk of:

It is quite probable that a number of nutritional factors, that have as yet to be identified, are involved in those who have the greying of hair at an early age.

It has been noticed that people who have received nutritional treatment for other conditions have found the greying of their hair has lessened and the correction of a vitamin B 12 deficiency is particularly important.


Dandruff is an all too common complaint in which the skin of the scalp scales and flakes, resulting in the familiar mantle of white specks on clothing. The scalp is sometimes itchy and irritated, which causes the sufferer to scratch and increases the loss of dandruff scales.

Many dermatologists think that dandruff is associated with a yeast or fungal infection. It could be that a general 'antifungal program' could be of value in the treatment of dandruff, particularly if it is combined with the use of an anti-dandruff shampoo.

Such a program would include:

Any treatment would have to be prolonged for three to four months as the fungus is likely to be located deep in the hair follicles and it would take this time for it to come completely out.

Such a dietary and supplementation program is likely to also improve the skin quality.

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There appears to be no proven effective treatment for hair loss in men (except where there is the possibility of severe deficiencies of various vitamins and minerals).