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Achieve Your Natural Weight

Being overweight can be uncomfortable and ultimately unhealthy. We all have a natural weight within us - a weight that suits us, not the 'stick thin' of the models. To begin to achieve this weight we need to see food as our friend - a friend that delivers to us nutrients that are very, very good for us.

Losing weight naturally can be achieved by changing our attitude to food and making an effort to become fit. Changing your attitude involves listening to your body, which means eating when we are hungry, rather than at a preordained time. It means eating foods that 'feel' right (as long as this is a 'real' need and not one that is created in our mind by advertising). When you are fit you are able to burn calories more efficiently.

Weight problems may be linked to nutritional deficiencies and food allergies or a body that is not working at an optimal level.

There are several supplements that can help.

What you can do to help

Supplements can help you achieve you natural weight

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Need to lose weight?

Remember that gradual weight loss is both better for you and more likely to be maintained. Fad reduction diets and approaches that result in rapid loss almost always ultimately fail.

They fail in the sense that the weight simply tends to return. Quick changes don't allow for your inbuilt body-image-perception (a blueprint in your mind of what your body is like) to adjust.

Consequently, your mind works against you by "helping" you get back to the image held from before the loss. Weight loss really is a case of slow-and-steady winning in the end.